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Making Websites Work...

Today website designs need to be far more than online brochures to compete for a share of the huge potential gains of online marketing from advertising on the internet.

The growing competition in this ever expanding marketing medium now demands more diverse strategies including
Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing and Responsive Designs for any form of online marketing success.

Let us make your website work for you by giving you the advantage of a Managed Website.

Website Management that Works... Guaranteed!

Why a Managed Website?

Your website is your only sales representative in the world wide web, an area way bigger and with so much more sales potential than any region a human sales rep would be expected to cover alone. So why should this online internet agent, within the biggest sales arena, not have to be accountable, have no support or feedback structures in place and be free to perform or not to perform?

We all know that a bad sales representative can do more harm to a company than good. This also applies to your website. However, poor performing sales representatives are trained, have to attend sales meetings and give marketing feedback before they are fired. So why not apply these same principles to your online sales agent?

Although you might have a competent Sales Manager controlling your sales representatives, online sales has different working parameters, guidelines and definitions. Our expertise in providing a range of individual website services and solutions, all supported by our broader experience in SEO, Web Site Design, Online Marketing Strategies, Google Adwords etc. can now be combined into various package options that would solve your online marketing and promotional needs.

Website Management Agreement Website Management Package Agreement

Website Management Packages 12 Month Deals

Website Strategy Planning

Website Online Strategy Planning

Professional strategy planning.
Establishment of correct audience and best keywords and phrases. Existing content is revised and checked to ensure it is current, relatively unique and search engine friendly.
Re-structuring the background code using modern coding techniques.
Implementation of performance tracking and monitoring software.

Initial setup fee
R 1 200*
All costs shown are per website.
A 10% discount is given per additional website managed.
*Negotiable depending on website structure.
R 375 p/m
R 700 p/m
R 995 p/m
from R 1 495* p/m
Website Content Management

Content Management

Changing of Contact info such as mobile and landline numbers
Updating of existing content.
Swapping of existing images.

Website Content Management

Wordpress and Joomla Editing / Management

Installing Wordpress Templates and Modules
Installing Joomla Templates and Modules
Updating of existing content.
Swapping of existing images
All Editing of content and images

Website search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimisation

We will do our SEO magic to give you better search engine performance.
Search engine optimise existing content
Monthly SEO performance feedback reports

Website Traffic Reports and Management

Traffic Management

Influencing of your visitors behaviour through your website.
Comparison feedback as to keywords and phrases your competitors are targeting with their website.

Adwords Management (Excludes pay per click budget)

Setup of AdWords campaigns and AdGroups.
Keyword research
Creating text Ads which will be displayed in the Google content network
Weekly monitoring of keyword performance and cost per click.
Fine tuning of Ads and associated settings.
Establishing which PPC Keywords are converting into actual enquiries or sales leads.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook Google+ Twitter
There is no better way to launch new products or services for your company by promoting and advertising through your Social Page(s). Besides the low cost, the potential market place you can reach is huge..

Website Development Savings

10% discount on all of our advertised normal costs for additional website design and development
No deposit required

Management of the above complex website design tasks done correctly would ensure that your online presence would outweigh the majority and ensure you have a website that works!

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