Website Revamps that Work ... Guaranteed!


Is your website doing its job?

  • Is it being found by potential customers (SEO) ?
  • Is it bringing in leads (UX) ?
  • Has it increased sales (ROI) ?
  • Does it provide the information internet users are looking for?
  • It is not be as user-friendly (UX) as it could be.
  • Is your website the most underutilised employee?
  • Or your website just does not work!

Today your potential clients first impression of your business is based almost exclusively on the impression your website portrays ... so revamping an out of date website is a necessity.

Keep up with the available technology

Websites now allow you to integrate things like blogs, polls, online shops, streaming videos, social media and even phone numbers that change based on where the user is located to make it seem like your business is based locally

Make your design fresh

If your website design style is out of date visitors could assume your business practice is also out of date. The same applies to photographs that were taken in the 90s versus a striking sharp image taken recently. Let WebsiteMagic keep the design elements of your website in fashion.

Google’s recommendations

“A responsive web design as the industry best practice for websites. A responsive website seamlessly adapts itself to whichever device it is being viewed from.”

Let us create an effective reponsive online presence for your business!

  • New Technologies
  • Updated SEO strategies
  • Responsive Design
  • Updated Graphics
  • Facebook Page
  • Google+ Profile
  • Website Traffic analysis with weekly reporting
The above will ensure your website technology and design are up to date and mobile friendly.


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